Water Purification Systems for Every Budget

If you are considering a drinking water filtration system for your organization, whether to replace bottled water or an exisiting filtration system, keep in mind that the system's effectiveness depends on its design. There are a number of water treatment technologies and each has unique strengths. The highest quality systems incorporate or combine several water technologies or stages.

Our systems range from 3 to 5 (more if the incoming water requires it). Whether 3, 4 or 5 stages each of our systems remove organic and inorganic contaminants, as well as potentially harmful micro-organisms.

The 3 Stage System ensures great tasting, high quality water, removing sediments, chlorine, radon and organic contaminants including volatile organic chemicals (VOC's).

The 4 Stage System adds nano-ceramic filtration technology, which absorbs particulate contaminants down to .03 microns (0.000001 inches).

The 5 Stage System incorporates reverse osmosis membrane technology, which is especially effective when there is a high level of dissolved solids.

Water dispensers are available with ozone sterilization providing additional protection at the point of use against microbial contamination.

American Water Systems multi-stage systems are built to the highest standards to provide the safest drinking water available.

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