American Water Systems Services

All service is performed by experienced American Water Systems professionals. Customers depend
on American Water Systems technical staff to maintain and service water purification systems.
Preventative Maintenance Service

Preventative Maintenance is scheduled according to a computer program, which is updated depending on the incoming water quality.

The water filtration system is configured with pressure gauges to isolate the several filtration stages. Reading from these gauges and inspection by field service representatives enable American Water Systems to fine tune preventative maintenance scheudles.

Special Bottle-less Water Dispenser Cleaning Service

The Special Water Dispenser Cleaning Service is uniquely offered by American Water Systems. Now, in addition to enjoying the best tasting, highest quality water available, the exterior of the water dispensers can be cleaned, sterilized and conditioned. This service complements our regular schedule maintenance and sterilization of the cooler's reservoir.
The Special Dispenser Cleaning Service includes:
  • Sanitizing the exterior of the water dispenser
  • Use of hospital grade germicide disinfectant that kills both grame negative and gram positive organisms, including MRSA.
  • Clean or replace the drip tray.
The Special Dispenser Cleaning Service is available on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis and reflects American Water Systems continuing commitment to provide the most comprehensive service and highest quality drinking water available to our customers.