Drinking Water Distribution Systems

Whether a centralized water filtration system or water dispensers with built-in filters (decentralized) is proposed depends on your facilities size anda layout. In some instances, both approaches are utilized within the same facility to provide the most efficient, cost effective solution.

Centralized Water Filtration System
Centralized systems are often utilized in large faciltiies with many water coolers or in areas where the water quality must be uniform.
  • Compact high tech filter system is installed in a convenient location in building, separate from coolers
  • Tubing is then installed by American Water Systems professionals and run from the centralized system to each cooler location throughout the facility
  • Able to provide purified water to coffee and ice machines, in addition to water dispensers
  • Water quality is balanced with ease - ability to increase or decrease amounts of filters used in system (no in-cooler space restriction).
  • Consistent water quality throughout facility due to single filter location.
Decentralized Water Filtration System
Decentralized systems are often used in smaller areas with few coolers.
  • Filters are placed within each individual bottle-less water cooler
  • Coolers are then hooked up by American Water Systems professionals to the building water supply and water is purified through each cooler's internal filtration system
  • Water filter maintenance is dependent upon individual cooler usage to ensure high quality water in each water dispenser
  • Cooler placement is relative to the logistics of each facilities water supply
American Water Systems bottle-less water coolers are an alternative to bottled water coolers at a significant savings of up to 60%.