What You Should Know About Bottled Water

Naturally pure water is only a myth! Water is often called "The Universal Solvent" because
the molecules of water are sufficiently active to break down organic materials and inorganic substances.
That means, nearly anything if submerged in water long enough will eventually dissolve.
This process of absorbing impurities is a never ending one.
Truly pure water is a man made product!

  • As much as 40% of bottled water comes from a municipal tap
  • Bottled water is purified by distillation, which demineralizes the water, causing water   to become aggressive
  • Testing and purity standards for bottled water, covered by the FDA, are less stringent than the EPA regulations which apply to municipal water
  • FDA regulations allow bottlers to call their product "spring water', even though it may be pumped from a well supplied by aquifers
  • High bacteria counts from bottled water coolers are due to organisms from each new bottle of water adhering to the reservoir in which the bottle sits - bacteria are then introduced into the cooler's reservoir
  • Plastic for water bottles (whether PETE or HDPE) leach BPA chemicals into the water that raise health concerns, such as hormone-responsive cancers 
  • The FDA  states "companies that market bottled water as being safer than tap water are defrauding the American public."

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